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"Big Bridge lives up to its name: it has linked poets from around the globe in a fearless passage from silence to the agora. The struggle for justice through the agency of poetry is a mighty force: Big Bridge is a well-aimed spearhead toward that ideal."
Andrei Codrescu, poet, novelist, essayist, screenwriter, publisher of Exquisite Corpse, A Journal of Letters and Life, and commentator for National Public Radio.

"For a decade and a half, Big Bridge has occupied a signal and originary position in the landscape of webzines. Freed of the expenses of paper, ink, and postage, the journal has been able to serve a compendious role in international literature. But it is in the inventive and assiduous editing that Big Bridge�s creative status has been achieved. Presenting not only "the best" (whatever that might mean) but also, and more importantly, the inter-related, Big Bridge has become a bridge in practice as well as theory. It has maintained its ethical, as well as its political edge, during an extended period of global turbulence, inviting aesthetic diversity as a medium for community."
Lyn Hejinian, poet, essayist, translator.

"Big Bridge has been doing the good work of building bridges for writers and artists for fifteen years. I wish them another good fifteen."
Dorianne Laux, poet and teach, author of The Book of Men (W.W. Norton) and Facts about the Moon (W.W. Norton), is the recipient of the Oregon Book Award and winner of the Paterson Prize in Poetry.

"Big Bridge is, for the digital age, the kind of broad, inclusive, smart (but never academic), happy / angry journal we have not had in too many decades. Its antecedents include such stalwarts as Coyote's Journal, Beatitude, The World or John Sinclair's Work, but Big Bridge demonstrates the possibilities of life on the web by going much further & deeper than any one of those publications. Its reach is literally the planet, but I suspect that if anyone starts sending in writing or art from Mars or another star system, it would show up in Big Bridge first."
Ron Silliman, poet, editor of Silliman's Blog.

"Big Bridge stands, for these last fifteen years, as the premiere and most important metazine of the arts. It is both a growing archive of these present years for the future and already a treasure house of broadsides, poetry, the arts, and criticism in itself. The editing of Big Bridge is flawless and varied, it is bright, meaningful and generous in the breadth and artistry of presentations. For the writer it is a mark of achievement to appear in Big Bridge... And it is also the first stop on the web for those who want to see what is new and vital."
Michael McClure, poet, playwright.

"Big Bridge is one of the best poetry and art journals on line or in print. It�s inclusive yet selective, thematic yet open field. Michael Rothenberg, his staff, and guest editors work tirelessly to create a forum for a poetics of language as social critique."
Gloria Frym, poet.

"What I find is Big Bridge is the community of poets without nostalgia and without pretense."
Michael Basinski, Curator, The Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo.

"Big Bridge is a marvelous resource for the high but often battered, sometimes financially impoverished art of poetry. It is wide-ranging, impeccably diverse, historically aware, open to the avant-garde as well as to formal modes, always intelligent, at times astonishing. It's a magazine for poets that never forgets its obligation to interest the general reader�the person for whom poetry is too often out of reach. You'll find famous poets there, but you'll also find unknown poets-and, importantly, poets who will be known."
Jack Foley, poet, critic, KPFA radio host and editor of acclaimed Visions & Affiliations: A California Literary Time Line 1940-2005

"For fifteen-plus years, Big Bridge has kept alive the spirit of the? marvelous, offering again and again a cornucopia of edgy intensities and restless beauties that make us recommit to imagination's interventionist powers."
Maria Damon, poet, teacher, author of The Dark End of the Street: Margins in American Vanguard Poetry and Postliterary America: From Bagel Shop Jazz to Micropoetries.

"Big Bridge provides a wonderful platform for some of the best poetry and prose, art and photography, being made in these times. It's a rare and much-needed way to stay abreast of "the news that stays news."
Aram Saroyan, poet, novelist, biographer, memoirist and playwright, author. Most recently his Collected Minimalist Poems was published by Ugly Duckling Press.

"Big Bridge is more than a literary arts magazine. It's a world wide web of literary arts experiences. And because of the possibilities of digital publishing, a reader has instant access to fifteen years of the magazine's offerings of work by poets and artists from all over the globe. Print publications simply cannot compete with this kind of immediacy and breadth. And certainly can't offer such scope at no charge to the reader. But it takes more than 21st Century technology to create such a terrific literary arts adventure. It takes vision, poetic intelligence, and a dedication to the world wide web of poetry (rather than commitment to a small poetic suburb). There are hazards, however. Once one crosses that Big Bridge and begins to explore the territory, one may not re-emerge for days."
Barbara Barg, poet.

"Cuba, Morroco, Ohio, Neo-Surrealism, the 70s scene in Bolinas, the Philip Whalen Journals, Wisconsin Protest Journals, translations from Japan, Iran, Tbilisi & elsewhere. If you think, as I do, that the work of peace begins with cultural exchange and deep awareness of other cultures, you can begin to sense the magnitude of the work being done by the relentless Michael Rothenberg and Big Bridge. The editor of the fantastic The Collected Poems of Philip Whalen and As Ever: Selected Poems of Joanne Kyger, the co-founder of 100 Thousand Poets for Change (the worldwide poetry event entering its third year) has been at it in cyberspace with the e-journal Big Bridge for 16 years. Sure, it takes huge effort to keep anything going for 16 years (which seems like an eternity in our era of great velocity) but to do it with such breadth, depth and quality issue after issue is simply astounding. The connections created by this magazine are essential to the global community and dialog that the world's best poets are beginning to engage in and we are so much better off with Michael Rothenberg and Big Bridge. Bridge building is the work we need right now in our world and few do it with the same verve and commitment. Ash�!"
Paul E Nelson, A Time Before Slaughter, Organic Poetry, Seattle, WA

"Big Bridge is a unique phenomenon in literature, gathering poets and writers together from around the globe in a huge, encompassing, and utterly new view of the latest in letters. Like a migration of monarchs, there is nothing else like this seminal annual."
Larissa Shmailo, poet and translator.

"Big Bridge has long been a must-read for anyone occupied by poetry and art."
Bill Berkson, poet, critic, teacher and sometime curator. Poet, essayist, curator, professor emeritus at the San Francisco Art Institute.

"Big Bridge is one of our most significant web sites for contemporary art and writing�I am honored to be included."
Anne Tardos

"Big Bridge is devoted to poetry. The site's tastes are wide and ranging. From features on master authors like Philip Whalen or Edward Dorn, to new voices with an array of interests and attitudes toward poetry, Big Bridge has it all. Michael Rothenberg's commitment to new writing and to the traditions of the New American poetry unite at Big Bridge to keep conversations alive--across place and across time--in the cyberian interspaces of the web."
Dale Smith, poet, teacher, essayist.

"Big Bridge is exactly that, a gorgeous span across geographies and aesthetics, a road to a new world. I am grateful for the vision and all the construction work that builds this stunning bridge."
Sarah Browning, Director, Split This Rock

"Big Bridge is one of the best venues for poetry and literature currently online. Thanks, Michael, for the work you are doing."
Bill Lavender, poet, editor, and teacher. His most recent book is his acclaimed verse memoir, Memory Wing.

"I've been pouring blood, money & guts into the online Museum of American Poetics for almost fifteen years, so I've been around the block a time or two. Big Bridge is the Akashic Records of American Poetry."
Jim Cohn, poet, editor, essayist, publisher and founder of the on-line Museum of American Poetics (MAP) at

"Big Bridge by Michael Rothenberg has always been there. It is from his webzine that thousands of other webzines have started, thus giving way to a new social awareness. Michael has been the Number One in the spreading of culture since the advent of the Internet. A poet and writer, he has highlighted and kept alive as an editor first and foremost Contemporary American Literature to which he has joined World Literature, in a one to one relationship with all the authors he has featured on Big Bridge. It is right through his webzine that I first met Michael, many years ago, an excellent friend who has been intensively active. Praise will never be enough to match his untiring enthusiasm, sensitivity, and strenuous work. As the Editor of the Poets' Corner, it is at times easy to be tempted to let everything go, Michael has shined as an example for me, and I am sure, for many other editors, writers, contributors to the Belles Lettres in the whole world."
Anny Ballardini, Editor of the Poets' Corner MFA, PhD student.

"Where have the Muses survived the storms of American History? The Commonwealth of Massachusetts? Greater New York City? The magnificent San Francisco Bay area? Or does the 3%-translated-books statistic prove us terminally parochial? --Terri Carrion's and Michael Rothenberg's Big Bridge is a golden gate to everywhere--lovingly, lavishly presenting the world's writing, art, music. The best of what's happening now, historic documents: it's all here in a lively journal manifesting the editorial policy make it fresh, make it new."
Lou Rowan, editor of Golden Handcuffs Review and author of Sweet Potatoes.

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Donations to Big Bridge should be made out to the
Committee On Poetry, our fiscal sponsor, a 501(c) 3 corporation.

You can also donate to Big Bridge by sending a check made payable to Committee on Poetry to:

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All donations are tax-deductible.

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