Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry


Vladimir Druk


Translated by Andrey Gritsman

     for Alexander Eremenko

my soul is closed
accounting time
it's trembling like a rabbit-target
at the range and God's Coop
for business is open.

who's not with us-is against us
and even kids remember that
today in every party card 
there is a stamp: "Gas Co." and "Paid."

who was nobody, now is no one
he jumped out from the upper stair-
case. that dusty helmet taken in vain
as well as a couple extra Bayer

Erema drank bug-off and booze
with me, though he overdrank me
not anymore. i am not used
to. afraid they'll let me go.

our freedom means-just you and me
under the light on a small lot
we're like flying plants (I mean, "tsvety*)
like twins in the jar filled with cologne.

we're spirited all round and through
and the doctor's walking outside
i never had a drink with him
Das ist pathology anathomist

*tsvety-flowers in Russian