Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry

Mustansir Dalvi

why someone needed to kick the infant Kafka in the balls

Every poet 
wants to wake 
as Gregor Samsa
one morning.

Every poet wants 
to drag his belly in the dirt,
to be exalted by coarse burns
forming welts around his navel.

Every poet would 
willingly put himself in harm's way
to be squished into concupiscent curd
by someone who doesn't even notice.

Prayer can change your fate, too (found object)

Prayer can change your fate, too.
Have your problems 
brought you down?
Here is some instant relief.

An open challenge. 
Benefits shall be accrued
within twelve hours flat,
with full guarantee.

Every desire fulfilled,
one hundred percent.
[Jpeg Saibaba, saffron saturated, 
right hand in abhaya]

Laxmi slips through fingers?
Make profit in business.
Be free of debt. 
Succeed in employment.

Has someone 
fed you something?
Made you drink something?
Is love betrayed?

Love marriage? Tie the knot
with the one you desire.
Domestic strife? Get the lot 
out of the divorce.

Does that other woman
your man has taken
rob you of your sleep?
Be blessed  with a manchild.

Alleviate court matters.
Find success in films. 
Cut back on masturbation. 
100%, immediate satisfaction.

Problems solved, A to Zee,
by Baba Amanjee Bangalee
(Jogeshwari East),
Enchantment Specialist.