Anthology of Tibetan Poets


Samuel Sangay Lama


Big Dragon

big dragon tells us
he comes to civilize
take an innocent child
and tell him we are wild

big dragon brings fire,
destruction on his path,
causing too much dire,
too long it has last,

tell the Tibetan he is human,
tell him he is right,
tell him you can change,
and reach a loveful height,

you have taken all from us,
our beloved land 
all we posses,
so many sacred texts,

your nation is dying,
dying from within,
even your own people
can't do what they dream

you take mothers from their rights,
dreams of children every night,
you've created so many fights,
and taken so many rights,

understand that we have compassion,
but passion for our nation,
you jail all with oppression
and do it all in discretion,

we are not blind enough to see
see the nature of your cause,
cause we are humans too,
and we feel the chill of your blues,

so many fathers
so many mothers, brothers and sisters
so long gone, bitter memories they only are
there is nothing that can cure this scar,

but forgiveness we are ready to give,
together, if you're ready to live,
cause we are all the same,
in this rat's game.

blood shed, many lay dead,
how can we get this message in your head,
big dragon, feel our pain,
and understand our aim,

all we want is to live free,
free from pain, creativity,
live our philosophy
in pure harmony,

No more illusion,
wake yourself up
from this delusion,
wake yourself up.