Anthology of Tibetan Poets


Rigzin Wangchuk


A Blazing Freedom Struggle

Five decades in exile
We shed tears of blood
Running through the valley of purgatory
Day and night
We crave for our own land
That belongs to us without any doubt
Missing distant comrades
Who suffer ceaselessly
Under the tyrannical rule of the red dragon
Sisters and brothers
Fathers and mothers
Separated by insensitive Chinese leaders

Away from home
We struggle for our rights
Brave brothers rose against the red dragon
With flame on their bodies
Shouting for freedom and peace
Brave, brave indeed!!!
How many precious human lives?
How many hearts broken?
By the atrocity of red china!!
UNO, International Human Rights???
Just a symbol of their existence
No nation dares to challenge China
The reason is clear as crystal
Red China filled minds with money and power
No human values
No ethic for  life
Still, how many more lives would they take?
Like a hungry demon
Rushing for blood of innocence

Now enough of brutal force
We can't bear anymore
For God's sake
Release our land and people
Go back to Beijing
We are tired of too much torture and cruelty
This is merely a heart's appeal
Otherwise blood begets blood
Nobody can go on like this forever
Time will come soon
That you will get paid
For the venal sins
That is unforgiven by humanity!!!

China, you time expires
Your stay in Tibet is beyond time and space
Leave snowland as peaceful as a murmuring rivulet
Go back China
By our right to self-determination
This is the right time
The world will blame you for your violence
If you keep our people suffering
Like a hell on earth!
Law of interdependence that we are aware of
Yet still, don't think the world is blind
Under the veil of your unrealistic propaganda
China, your stay expires here
Let Tibet be free!!!
Bod gyal lo!!!