Anthology of Tibetan Poets


Ngodup Paljor



Morning The blue Dharmakaya Noon The cloudy Dharmakaya Evening The windy Dharmakaya Though I don't really know What Dharmakaya is Kharmakaya walks me

Footnote: In Mahayana Buddhism, Dharmakaya is the ultimate nature of the fully enlightened mind, a union of pure appearance and emptiness.

I Am What I Am

The wish of my Amala1 Was for me to become A Buddhist monk Dedicating my life to follow The footsteps of the Buddha But her wish was disappointed. The wish of my father Was for me to succeed as A man of high degree Earning my life working For the government of Tibet Yet...his wish too was unfulfilled. Now, neither a monk Nor a man of high degree I have no specific wish to pursue Nor am I living to have a wish Generally, I follow the way of the clouds I eat when I am hungry And drink when I am thirsty.

1 Tibetan for mother