Anthology of Tibetan Poets


Chukie Shakabpa Wangdu



electric cattle prods
snarling, hungry dogs
she lies
in her cell
teeth chattering
muscles twitching
bowels moving
fever burning
heart thumping
Copyright ©  May 26, 1994

Give Planet Earth a Rest!

Why do we need so much stuff?
One or maybe two of a kind should be enough
Buying stuff makes the world go around
More stuff bought, more stuff made, more money abound
But can't we learn to live with less?
Why not give planet earth a rest?
It's always been this way
Gathering is in our DNA!
No longer are we pre-historic wanderers
We're now over 6 billion gatherers
More stuff creates more waste
There's less & less space left to deface
More stuff is more prestige and power
Pssh!  No need to cower!
We want the stuff, and we want it NOW!
More gadgets, and more stuff somehow!
For instantaneous gratification we are driven
We are glutton, brazen, and stricken!
Your addiction can be cured, there's hope
If you change your values, you will cope
Less stuff helps the planet endure
We must teach our children this value pure
Less toxins in the atmosphere
Less radiation in the biosphere
Planet earth is choking and coughing
Global warming, glaciers melting, climate changing 
This is our only home.  Let's treat it with respect
Let's stop all our greed and wanton neglect
Grasslands and forests will become more lush and green
Oceans, rivers and lakes will sparkle clean
More time to share, person to person
More time to smell the flowers, that is certain
Hey! Why not give it a try?
Copyright ©   Spring, 2011

September 11 Revisited

(10th Anniversary)

The sky was blue and the sun shone bright
Not one angry face was in sight

Or so it seemed...

Monday's blues were put to bed
Tuesday's promises lay straight ahead

Or so it seemed...

In the City that never sleeps
A normal day of work, school, and cell-phone beeps

Or so it seemed...

In the nation's capitol suspecting none
About their ways went everyone

Or so it seemed...

Into the morning sky those four planes flew
Hopes and dreams were to soar, not to bid adieu

Or so it seemed...
Unbeknownst to all
Nineteen angry men heeded a call

Allah taught believers to be kind to one another
As did Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Krishna, brother to brother

It is not a sign of weakness
To practice love and kindness

Instead those nineteen angry men
Heeded the words of Osama bin Laden

With calculated violence in the hearts of this clan
Death and mayhem was their plan

Thousands lost their lives that day
Yet Osama couldn't hijack our courage away

What you sow is what you reap
Incrementally or in one fell sweep

Sunday, May 1 was D-day for Osama
Hide he could not from his negative Karma

On the 10th anniversary of September 11
We remember with love the brave and fallen

A new day is dawning for Allah's true faithful
Let us join hands to wash away evil

Kindle trust and dignity in your home and elsewhere
Spread respect and fairness everywhere

Be kind and gentle to nature and to each other
Planet earth is at stake .... its now or never

Copyright ©   September, 2011

Tibet is Burning and Pleading

Bravo! You've made the Land of the Yuan
Planet Earth's abuser Number One
Tibet is burning and pleading
For true freedom to begin environmental healing
Made-in-China has made our planet ill
Our very survival depends upon our conscientious will 

Copyright ©  Fall, 2011 


They continue to burn no longer pleading
In your face those who dare to deny
Birthright to freedom and environmental healing
Eagles triumphantly soaring - Banzai!
They've spoken with their lives in the offering

Copyright ©  October, 2012