Phenomenology of Giving


John Most


After an Idea

typologically speaking, awkward giraffes are better
than spoonfuls of honey
faulty truth is not

more prominent than vulgar 
plain simplicity  
in pursuit of beauty

Replacing the East River

nobody said, "the trains run infrequently after three a.m." under-the-river emotions-- her teardrop earrings swung so carelessly why false lighting commands sadness dull happiness stirs madness

Loveland Pass Controls This Giving

from fluvial life to flexible stances, outcomes are indeterminable after certainty suspicion after darkness light--guesses confirmed by quiet yeses

High-Pressure Systems

geologically, telling time, as being, is terrifying--for mountains cease eventually for seas that have sung currents inexplicably compound people's dim folly

At Night, Kansas, East to West

in what is beyond, a magical promise from temporality that claims to deliver a way out of conditions, work, heartache via an odd give-and-take

Intractable: Waiting Rooms

sensing death, apparent apparitional finality, an intangible ignorance of life as T.V. mini- series, of death as postscripts

Climbing Two Flights of Stairs

in the intervening events, a trigger's pulled firing the kill shot memory shuttering the recruit which gawks at the streets all alone

The Renter's Wardrobe (pour elle)

a relentless free-fall sensation that whispers we're in love the city and us-- destitute, it's futile to think clouds are ignoble

Opposing Forces

compulsions provide temporary relief from the trembling whole-- turning selves indivisible parts of scenes emendable

Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia in the Evening

what do endings mean for the contemporary? she then he-- timing each other's commitment to expression--ready for facts like closing doors

Little Brick House Before a Mountain

a primitive position---feet cupped fingers curled stark dogwood limbs brush the brick and revealing a trace mortar a silhouette to embrace

Flightless Bird, Knotted Heart

she is the embodiment of schemata shadow and mist loosely lodged in minds put her in ethereal limbo in the plucked afternoon's glow

Beneath a Palm Tree in La Jolla

when perceptions are twisted deletions elude me for they and nothing can't fade since all is here then relayed