Phenomenology of Giving


Jeff Harrison



volte-face; toto coelo; curvet; turn (to give attention to; epoche); somersault; somerset; overturn; subvert (the line); eversion; excern; socern; knack; to have a turn for; detour; ambages; torsion; meander (err; errancy); mortise; recovery; retrieval; redeem; redemption; turn (conversion; versipelles); passage; convert; resolve (into); transfer (psych.); turn (a)round; season; globe; fortune; eurydice; rota; turn out to be; turnabout is fair play; turn the mind (insanity; rabies; poetry); turn/interchange; unexpected (chance; to turn up; to find; hermes); turn (morally - whether abstractly, the reverse side of the coin); journey; swarm (to meet at every turn); turn (opposition); turn (dialectics; syllogism; sonnet); turn (as in to close or open - once again, opposition); turn (form; perception); circumstance; cause ...