Phenomenology of Giving


Arpine Konyalian Grenier


Tango Reel

Call it something else then but if you can't 
envision power without authority 
embedded in and kicking
the timely

the moves are authentic

the rules culled from some trilogy
that's you and me 
and the music

morphing for the wished and willed 
outside laws and computation

                do not lose self in the embrace

labor as in retool rearrange to stabilize because we're somewhere
between where we were and where we can be
trust that even if it feels mimetic

                                    lament and rebellion

                              embodied and simulated we 
                            belonging and not

            labor the only capital of value

meanwhile we are stretching what waxes 
when we stand together what wanes 
when we disband the imitado 

                              to declare yes to apassionado

what excluded because of laws and computation 
returning again and again in drift form
clouding space but also not

          only because it is life driven

code drift envisions you and me still under the guile 
a tethered moon inflects to deflect

because we hugged each other

                              instrumentalizing giving 

conscience as smoke 

life-long matter on a binge opening up space
dullard and dangerous that we are
irreverent and irrelevant
but also naïve so

Dharma (the lesson the dance)
Sangha (you and the music)
Buddha (self worth)

to work for the tango is the motto
all is mara otherwise

             elevations mindfulness dissolves

concepts occupy space but also not
tightness to spaciousness
movement declares 

- is it timely? (necessary)
- is it true? (authentic)

                            pursued selfhood

- is it fed by invasion or conquest?
- am I hearing and speaking it?

establish count then parse
consonants matter

the giver is beyond giving remember
life is experimental
energy related

              mindsets not assets
            dance with me

relationship is the absence of separation
humility is the absence of self
evil the absence of good

marking words in social settings
legs in hourglass honesty 
meditative at stance 

a contract of self generating morphology
undoing grammatical settings 

                       be gone dukkha 

         slave of habit and desire 
                analogical effects

token driven

are you type or token driven?