Marina Lazzara


Affinity Group

somebody yelled jump, jump and 
the water blurred to late night documentaries
but I'm not fooled		triumphant bell like flowers
happen even if there's no rain		so who am I to be fooled
you have everything you need for breakfast, right?
eggs, bread, the basket full of soft blackberries
someone's still yelling jump, no really jump, it's just marsh
mush, really, an aboriginal swamp for the calves
nothing too dangerous		better to not think too
much 		better to knot 
the doing away with what's done
kind of experience		oh I know
I can be a drag

there 		there

The Time

A gesture to play his harp sharp to reissue
the damsel shore on the nightshade & everything 
that's at the shoreline may or may not be there
when you return 	still 	be a clean
sound 	warm tubular amplifiers
the smell of moss, 1968, headphones
angled on the back of a wooden chair
Grappa on the tip of his nose
one last sucking in and then hum

The Clock

Neat quilt on the plaid floor, nothing more
Than a simple daily wipe and next appoint
Choirs in your head so as you walk
You'll talk instead to pink
Naked Ladies on the hillside, who fan
Fog from summer to fall and bring the blue
rooftop sun heat to your head instead 
Of choirs that reek your brain with sales & 
Some nine to five reason to be a better 
Bargain than the one that left the Ladies
Bulbed on hillsides for such a long
naked time