Lakey Comess


From distance

	trees on that surface resemble land masses.  Now it's all covered in white.
Thoughts drift to specific moments, mollify interrogators.  

Cats scratch for various reasons, including scientific procedures, 
meaning, take care with electronic devices.  

Steeped in your special environment, even controls are brought into line, 
without further ado or intervention.

Have you reached the stage where whispering becomes romantic?
Of what effect is victim's scream from silent film, during the intermission?

It's actually a bitterly cold winter's day.  

Mirror on toe of shoe,

mind in the gutter.  What were we discussing, outside the changing room?  
(Shape shifter appears overdressed, stuffy.)  What precisely have you heard through the grapevine—
that she's making her living flat on her back?  Tell it amongst your multiple personalities.  

The news is real juicy, sullying names, dishing desert.  
Thinking of your mortality or are you having an overexcited reaction, reaching a new altitude?

Here is an excellent little diversion ready and willing to beat the clock to midnight.  
That's when it all goes bubbly and wet in the city.  

Put your name on a sticker when passing a streetlamp.  
Not much of the year remains at a loss for a classification.

The heron went west, you'll be happy to hear, 
he's now hanging out at an uncommon river.