David Madgalene


Became a Girl

The rusted garage became a girl.
So did the picnic table by the lagoon.
The dog in the dark became a girl.

The powder will become a slime a paste a girl...

The girl became a dolphin became a girl.
He said her mahi mahi and chips were the best
on the coast, but it's just a line.
The hot sauce an excuse to look
in her eyes, the pat on her ass
A special hook with a belt to harness
		live bait.

As the coffee house pianist quoted "Fever"
	which became a girl.

Dorian may or may not become a girl,
parodying the girls who imitated her.

She didn't want her text on his website.
Can't wait ti dance to the rare reggae
audiocassettes. Decosntruct the dubs
of Lila Downs covering Tom Jobim.
Is "Perhaps Perhaps Perhaps" Afro-
Cuban or Brazilian?

Morph-a-girl: just add water
and the Sea Monkey becomes a girl.

Peter Pigeon became a girl gone abalone.
Felt guilty. Cowed by the man looking over
the fence. Felt anger.

THRUSH gave her a new identity as a girl:
Quick! look under her pompadour
and she becomes a girl.

The urchin with the tattered sleeves
became a girl in the arms of a robot.
The corrupt file became a girl gone nova.
The Logos became a girl, despaired,
	and was guillotined.

The sea glass became a girl.
The girl from the trailer cove.
	A blue jay of a girl.
Her blighted charm opened up
a can of whoop ass and
the twins became one girl.

The stick became a girl
and then she broke
because she would not give.

The cobra became a girl became an elephant.
Skyman became Flygirl became a fly became a fog.
Became a vulture in the fog.

The exiled Chilean astronomer
was paid to become a girl.
The derriere became a girl...
a girl who wasn't going to let the door
hit her butt on the way out.
Beige hot pants in the sunset.
The way it swerved.
A girl not afraid to show her butt.
It kept looking backward.
The steam from the toaster
smeared the window, became a girl.
No time to think, discuss it.
It was better than the one in the picture.

There was no vacancy.
Not like the mothership back west.
Didn't make the transition.
No chance for upgrade.
Like a fading weather woman.
Ate an organic Hippy Scramble alone.
No, she was waiting for someone...

held her glass in the air for several
minutes (without looking) until
         the waiter brought a refill.

Later she toyed with the man
at the Patriot Gas Station.
The one wearing the shirt
like a referee's, only he
wasn't a referee. She didn't
steal the map, there was no map
yet made that charted her forbidden
archaeologies. A girl given her
druthers, would druther gnomes.
A girl in pre-torn gray leotards
walking across a footbridge
singing to herself. A girl
and her shepherd but not homeless.
A shepherd with a log in its mouth.
A girl up a tree. The sun is there!
Not there, here!

The hummingbird feeder became a girl.
The chimpanzee became a girl
	and bit his face.
A hawk with a fish in its claw.
Didn't know where she was.
Wearing an Angels look-alike hat.

A girl afraid her life is just a "speck."
Starfish clinging to the rock wall of the sea cave.
The seaweed became a girl.
A girl who looks like a sea cat
with a kahuna for a man.
A man with an eroded rock.

The girl got bitchy when she was scared.

The stairs to the trail were washed
	out several years ago.

It started wobbling, and
she knew it would fall off.
It wasn't the same angle
	it was before.
The further she went,
the more it wobbled,
but the river kept pushing her out...

Covergirl Vermillion Shimmer

Misled by his viziers
undone by the mercenaries
(Even Machiavelli said if you 
have to pay someone to fight 
your wars, you've already lost)

the blood of the bourgeoisie
	is on his hands

fire in the belly of the fool...

the Guru wore lipstick
was he evil or benign?

He left no disciples
save a woman named Dudley
(Dudley was her first name)
Do Right was not her last name
in fact Dudley was a do-wrong woman
in love with a do-right man
whose name was Snapper
Snapper Do Right
but not Dudley because 
Dudley was his wife's name 
and she goes by her maiden
name of Dudley Fudgepacker 

The Guru was a discredited teacher
but most people didn't seem
to know or care that he had 
been accused of exposing himself
to a waitress at Bob's Big Boy
in Owensville Indiana
off of 65 where 65 & 168 meet
(never proven in court)

Or that the Guru's phone number
had been found in a whore's
yet there was truth and merit
in his teachings they said

Nor could it denied since it had been
captured on film that the Guru had
once kissed Michelle Pfeiffer in a movie
(before they were stars, Michelle still had
her baby fat) and when the Guru turned
away, he was seen to have a boner

or the time he was leading a meditation class
out on the Island and he went off half-cocked
because they kept re-looping Pachelbel's Canon 

The Guru's Covergirl Vermilion Shimmer-
besmirched visage yet graced many a vendor's 
showcase w/the self-help books tapes cards cds 
videos dvds video games glow crosses panties that
no longer sell (or at least not very much)

In fact there were all kinds of whores
       in the whore's Rolodex
apparently in adherence to his own teachings
the Guru was found out to love everybody-
frat boys as well as the coeds
she's and males as well as she-males
drag queens transvestites transexuals
hermaphrodites a fact that Fox News
didn't deem "newsworthy" because
in fact Rupert Murdoch owed his
entire earthly success to having followed
the Guru's teachings to the letter
	(and that's no secret)!
and when one of the liberal NY Taliban-
Commy Jew networks reported on 
the Guru's bisexual whoremongerings 
they got shouted down by Fox 
who insisted that all the Guru's whores 
were natural women as if somehow that made it okay
because as O'Reilly said and here he was quoting
the Guru "All you have to do is believe and
				it is so"  

But even before the Guru's "media-lynching" 
(as Dick Cheney refered to it on Face the Nation ),
there had been a fall-off in the Guru's performance.
Many felt that he had beaten the Oz analogy to death.
In fact, some blogger had gone back and watched the
original movie again and found out that the Guru had
been in error and in fact it was not the Wizard of Oz,
but Thomas Wolfe, who had told Dorothy, "You can
never go home again."

The book that had made the Guru famous-
The Soul of the Dead Butterfly
they couldn't give away at the Library Booksale
(at least somebody came and carted off the Dan Brown)
It was here in The Soul of the Dead Butterfly-
that the Guru had established his one of his central tenets
(in addition to the prosperity-teachings and the Oz revival: 
that it was not the thing you thought was the problem that
was the problem but the other thing you weren't thinking 
about (for example, you think you have a sex problem
but maybe the problem is really your computer). 

His "Belly Dancing For Men" video went nowhere...
and it's not that you don't have some good ideas,
but like almost everything you teach
people can find it elsewhere  
and when you act like such a bastard
to those who are only trying to help you,
please you, and make you happy,
no wonder Gurus are an Endangered Species!

I don't care how much money you pay,
or if it's called "sexual healing" because you say it is,
or you're so spiritually advanced you're on some other plane,
and even if I was just another of your sex industry workers,
that gave you no right to beat me the way you beat me. 

Maybe you should have realized that the thing
that hinders you and holds you back wasn't that
the rest of us are unenlightened fools who didn't 
own a Mercedes only because we couldn't
visualize it but that troublesome other thing: 
your teachings with their emphasis on masterialism 
are unworthy of us, the truly spiritual people 
that the most crass upon us truly are. Guru,
the prostitute who's getting her bare bottom
spanked right now by some titan of industry & 
finance has more Jesus in her ass than all you 
so-called prosperity teachers!
If the top 1% has all the money it's because
they stole it from the rest of us, not because
they were better at giving themselves Affirmations! 

Wounded healer,
you not only wounded me
so many others like me-
you wounded yourself.
That's why you're wounded.
And if you're so pyschic you
had to know this day was coming, 
and I'd pull up my panties
and smooth down my skirt
and wipe the mascara off my face
and take cash (since you no longer
used the credit card) one last time
and quit this nowhere job and go 
and heal myself. 

'Cause I'm not Dudley.

Elizabeth Doppelganger

Malls and condos allow
Harlequin was real away,
one of the leading Miss Ann.
Toothpaste at his status
as one of "The Childhood."
Elizabeth spontaneous human boss.
Rabban Sawma was neon,
took out Pure Girl.
Ashleigh's mom is on breakdown,
determined Frank's uncle was Wu.
Glare filter submission
in stages of Greyhound Love
prepackaged trying to brood
Amerisymbols of fantasy.

Frank Wu solidified
Disneyfication of death trap
of concrete and peculiarly
Chinese genre.
Generation Bingo all over
"He" (read "cattle
sledgehammered") Elizabeth.
Up buildings in various visitors
Consume Elizabeth Aerowhanger,
pr for her Stratawhanger.
Twins were interaction ghosts
of strawberry daiquiri
made her cry, "Uncle Joe P'ei-fu!"
Communal "I" had April.
Y'see, a "receptionist fetish."
"I love the Other," Red Norvo on Elizabeth.
"More," Frank Wu said.
"I don't xylophone dead baby in Ashleigh City.
Doppelganger lives I am obsessed."
Peppermint men seek her out, leading
Airdalewhanger, I see, Pom and Pom.
The bellybutton as metaphor.

Satisfaction is knowing
over the Conrail line
and product placement
(e.g. Hanes Her Way)
of the younger fulfillment
of Orwell's doppelganger
took her pleasure possee comitatus.
Dumpster slaughterhaus
Ashleigh Presidential penis
and there are still some things
shortly thereafter
he went Generation Reagan
babies making bacon babies.
Push push in the bush.
Ghost Mamamamamamamamamamamamamama
every tragedy there is about
Frank Wu the Unloved alias "Love Myself."

Elizabeth Twangtwanger
the deadly shadow of that tragedy
for "Blame not my lute."

"Chinese girl prefer the City"
is likewise figurative.
"There wasn't a night
we stole the gutted vacuum
of the dismantled pipefitter,"
Egeria said,
quoting Sir Zomba Heebie-Jeebies.
"Boss, it's not mutual."
"Living Dead" to Westinghouse Zoo
and pander nonhuman life.
Dumpster slaughterhaus
Ashleigh Presidential penis
and there are still some things
her best friend (Jewish),
daughter incinerator
and ate the masturbated Japanese
dressed in fishnet body
tristate area pizza party.
American princess shares
a strawberry daiquiri
with Elizabeth and Ashleigh.
We were twaddle,
the electronic shadow
looming missile.
Nothing stands Happy Meal Girl.
The prairie dog fetish
so much stockings and dildo dreams.

Southern Bitch Goddess her shopping
and later Frank's sweatshop exploded.
There's always Communal "I"
mistook the shadowy tragedy
"underneath" bras and
jokes were funny, too.
Eliminate violence and
happiest place on Earth (i.e., Idaho),
dredging found Frank Wu had no way in.

Night, it's like, ohmigod,
Communal "I" am so the Sexuality!
The Gambler's "C'mon now, everybody" laugh.
Sugarize whiteout school industrial
lagoon white crud about his
personified in the doughnuts.
We missed the boss' debut,
Flasher in a Purple Jeep,
eating silently as
shooting tight the
Chinese Elizabeth Phooka's
sockeye mouth.

Frank Wu was late and
his embodiment of Texas on hold.

"Calling the something away
from shopping in abandoned
standing astride the Halloween,
the old precarious jokes of Streetcar."

Little Miss Precious Dandy
Elizabeth Happy Meal
aka Frank Wu in his dreams(!)
was not threat greater than--
y'know, Pom.
Cheerleader congressman the latest spy girl
else houses global landfill
knee-deep graveyard waltz.
Wu represented She Who Cannot Be Ogre
cadaverish honey trap.
America's major rivers are
junky wards, junkyards,
euphemism for having sex.
Communal "I" ate Unique Individual "I."	

Infectious waste environmental racism.

Dick the Gay Lord
(he no Girl[!])
hid the wraiths of/-
descended from
Tu Fu Mexican in your backyard.
Deserted television repair
Albania's Greatest Poet
or so I'm told.
They, the Finger Lady.
Pom favored the boss,
dying Happy Meal Girl.

There was no way in for
the Mormon bishop,

I won't tell you
my Communal "I" met
the doughnuts feeling like
"I'm" in plutonium ward.
Elizabeth Stratosphere in gift of corner.

Elizabeth said,
Elizabeth Stratofender told communal "me,"
"You know Empress Wu was a half-naked girl
good enough to eat."

Elizabeth Stratocaster told "me,"
"Dog God spelled backwards is God Dog."

Elizabeth and Ashleigh don't hate
idiosyncratic palace concubine who
by the kind you love to hate and
Pom Pom girls fingered the Button Man,
Frank Wu. Fookie the Funky Fairy before
the Button Man could Elizabeth or
Pom and/or Pom, his own seventeenth.

No way in for the guy
and took his wife for--
Emphatic "I" will make excuses--
Elizabeth Naughtywhanger
in the abandoned petroleum jelly factory.

Pom or Ashleigh or the boss.
Columbine High is where
Elizabeth Abyssinian Maid
is the day of the shooting
"and on her dulcimer she played."
"They were idiosyncratic 'me.'
Hate to love,
sanitization of myth and
dreaming of making his big
button the Finger Lady."

Frank Wu claims to be
the Empress in a previous
incarnation. No salvation
between Elizabeth's
pale white thighs.
"You know you love me,
I the exclusion of the
real comeback at the disco
and Pom were the Pom Pom
detonation and collapse
no way in.
I can't make it.
I've reported that twin girls
are the foremother of
Frank Wu but you hate me."

Ashleigh late inferno
Elizabeth twins.
Betcha didn't know.
Kawairashisa Lee crashed penguins
the Harlequin's girlfriend having
a pizza party (circa 16:30 AD).
(and this was of no interest to the penguin)
took long limos and
Elizabeth Anne Boleyn Telecaster down by the sea.

Pom and Pom shot dead.
Get them out of the way.
Frank cornered the Doppelganger
afloat in the tank farm,
offering no excuses. 

Ra the Almighty Sun God on the Way to Work

    the Almighty Boat of Heaven is down at Joe's Garage.
truly, who is to say even a Divine Vehicle may not need 
repair? so Ra, Ra the Almighty Sun God, must walk to work. crossing an arduous intersection, he never ceases to marvel at how even the most busy of traffic will part to provide a Sun God passage. Ra, the Almighty Sun God is delirious unto exhilaration. his nose hasn't stopped running for three weeks but at least he got some sleep last night and since he's quit smoking, the Unholy Phelgm has let up. the hunger is always with him. nor is Ra a-one to begrudge an old friend. at least Ra's not out of
peppermints. yet. verily, it would be nice if his ears would stop ringing or his headaches cease or the disease would quit eating his ass literally or he could go about town again without
feeling dizzy. yeah. although all his money's gone, he still got fever for the girl. maybe he should forget Sun-Godly pride and see is
Khepera could be squeezed for a dime. but y'know, y'know, you can't keep a good god down, in especial a Sun God, in especial Almighty Ra! delirious he is, delirious unto exaltation. delirious
he is, anticipating. there'll be some cold bologna waiting if he can make it to lunch. and when it comes to smokes, young Anubis is good to the touch. he'll get Nephthys, sweet young thang, to call Doctor Soul if he don't get to feeling better. but most of all, pure and shining, there awaits the pleasure divine, pure and shining, of working the pure and shining morning, the long, hard, eternal morning, alongside the girl, pure and shining. lean and clean and mean, sexy killin' lovin' death machine, pure and shinin'. she belongs to infinite cults. any number of gods and priests to do her work. but she like to take care of her business herself. she born in east alabama. they call her Black Isis.

She's All Gone

Toys and candy you'd expect
And what you call whirligigs
Glow-in-the dark jewelry
Gummy vitamins and
Chocolate lipstick
Pocket buddies
Hamburger helper
Chicken helper
And doggy diapers.
She was everywhere.
Terri at the mi casita told us
They recalled it because there was 
Poison in the plastic...
And I said to Terri
You can't tell me they recalled
Six billion dollars worth of merchandise.
That's what she was pulling down.
Six billion dollars per annum
In merchandise.
They've yet to get a dollar out of me.
King oscar's sardines is the only kind
I'll eat.
And I wasn't worried when
I heard she posed topless.
I knew she wouldn't show anything
She's not supposed to show.
She said "I'd never do what
Jamie Lynn has done."
And I believed her.
But now she's turned 18
And there won't be anymore.
She made her first adult movie...
I mean...
You know what i mean.
I can't believe it.
What in the hell is wrong with the world?
Did some fanatics come in 
And buy everything up? Look what happened to lilo.
Is there going to be a next big thing?
Did Disney put the ixnay on it?
Look what happened to the Olsen twins.
I mean...
Where are our priorities?
Even a good girl like Hillary Duff.
Somebody told me Mandy Moore's
Giving out facials in petaluma.
I was thinking about buying something
Just to have it.
Why can't a grown woman
Have hair like that? Send it back to China,
Bulldoze it,
Turn it into the next big thing?
I was up in Eureka
And by the time I got there
It was gone.
Everything vanished in a pig's eye.
Lollipops and pixie dust...
I mean...
I've been down there
At the Salvation Army
Looking for it.
I didn't ask for it.
I didn't want it.