Arkava Das


"feats of strength"

sometimes we break off a conversation
         going nowhere
     arrange the books so much furniture
we keep to ourselves
traffic and seas grip birds in absentia
the window of "truth is another name
               for sedimentation"
edges are effortless breaking into effortlessness
not athletic
     but more a breeze with fingers flat on the ground
with every sinew iterating
     "whatever ground we have covered and will
not in relief"

"to destroy the evening"

"it is impossible to destroy anyone in absentia"
waking the house tells you why

       trailing after you were peaks and all you kept
to yourself the simplest neighborhood

you could ask for

look around
the evening
some unlit houses growing around the place
empty from the get go

let person at x update the evening
how love has a mind its own will never ask anything of you

       but listen to you when you are speaking
       and making no sense to yourself

"i am not making sense today but i am trying for tomorrow"
"i did not leave the earth because i inhabit it"