Editor's Choice



Anne Gorrick


Those darling feet are not afraid of anything

(after a list of presents Bernadette Mayer wanted for her birthday in 2011 - as suggested by Google)

A store filled with shade, store and then bees, "Oracle, oracle!"
Tranced magic, painted caves, her porcelain clothes
Willows in a blind country, protons in gold, Prometheus as your prehistoric pet
Confidentiality, carrots, cloisters, clutter ring
Indiana by degrees, byzantine
The exquisite interview, impossibly both ray and star
What if I was paid to dream about you?
I am bored as the number four
Are we Australian?  Autocorrect my dyskinesia
Using the Tardos algorithm, by perseverance the snail reached the ark
The conquest of memory by the young
Pyrex was no crackpot, puzzles, sugar-frosted prisons
Charcoal, cheddar cheese tastes like aging
Cheesy pickup lines in an annoying orange
She eats like attics, mysteries, annuals
Paprika shoes, a case of chords, and for you an exploding mango
A case of your stage stripes, stutter during treatment
Shotgun shells and Smart Water, study BOTH sailors and whales
Bordeaux and grand cru, the taste of St. Elizabeth's roses and gametes
The good martyr, a black ointment of cured olives and doves, thistle and hemp
Bare feet, starlings sun-conjured, and then submarines suddenly appear
Our sunflower hearts hulled in a photofield
How many calories are in those sutras anyway?
Seeds for flatlands, the tropics in winter
Wars that bloom around our feet
What is the cause and effect of turning her into a musical?
Hummingbirds for Hume were the resemblance of contiguity and causation
Everywhere, humanscale freedom chairs are dead or mating in New York
Humans can lick too, corrupted by body temperature, coral reefs
Cormorants in the foundling hospital
Are the Straits of Magellan ever fuschia?
Strappy guava, strawberry panic, winter as seen on TV
A complete thematic unit: plants vs. zombies
Photoautotrophs, a ruby wedding with thorns
Rift in Roseland, anatomy afterwinters as a symbol
Remember that both cheerleaders and war criminals start fires
Bless a blurred man and his acid soils
Fetuses in jars that look both presidential and unfinished
A fig walked into a bar for a kiss
Tree man disease, tree marriage, assault ship
Is the size of Japan the same size as a queen bed?
Charts made of silk galaxy tabs, drawn by a bellows mender
Angel diction in modern usage, "String, string!"
Stand an egg on end, bamboo fun, bamboozle prom
Fisheye, bite alert with elastic, fishcharm, strike indicator
Polyvore, give me those linen codes before I sleep
Persistence, persimmons, poppies and cats' eyes
surround a lagoon of bibles, the city sleeved in an aluminum message