edited by Vernon Frazer


Ax Honey
by Tom Bradley

Maybe Later: Incarnations of Life
by Seth Phelps

She Believes Me… She Believes Me Not…
by Stefani Christova

Windows on the Canals
by Jordan Zinovich

The Five Chinese Brothers
by Jefferson Hansen

Tripping for Biscuits
by Joe Clifford

Sleeping with Ambrose
by Christopher Brookhouse

Fuckin' Boots
by Andy Stewart

Beer Mystic: A Novel of Inebriation & Light
Excerpt #5

by bart plantenga



The Inventor of Love & Other Writings
by Gherasim Luca; Reviewed by Allan Graubard

by Tiziano Fratus; Translated by Francesco Levato; Reviewed by Paul Martinez Pompa

By Katherine Hastings; Reviewed by Jack Foley

How Shadows Are Bundled
by Anne Valley-Fox; Reviewed by Roberts French

Jan Kerouac: A Life in Memory
by Gerald Nicosia; Reviewed by Steve Dalachinsky & Yuko Otomo

Extreme Positions
by Stephen Bett; Reviewed by Billey Rainey

Presented by Delirious Dances, Fall 2008; Reviewed by Wanda Phipps

An Interview with Choreographer Edisa Weeks
Interviewer: Wanda Phipps

Neeli Cherkovski: The Thirteenth Man
A retrospective review by Art Beck




edited by Vernon Frazer

by Christopher Brookhouse

by Andy Stewart

Superman VS The Atom Man
by Mel Freilicher

by Jefferson Hansen

Venezuela, Africa
By Jefferson Hansen

Intersecting Dead Ends
by Eric Beeny

Very Short Stories
by Eric Beeny

The Dog Playground
by Lynda Schor

by Stephen-Paul Martin

Private Nun
by David Madgalene

The Quarry and the Lot
by Mark Wallace

Crystal Skulls
by Susan Smith Nash

by Susan Smith Nash

by Susan Smith Nash

Altercations in the Quiet Car
by Richard Martin

Bling in the Nursing Home
by Richard Martin

Cowpoke Kid * and The Hostess **
by Richard Martin

A Moments Peace
by Peter Conners

Talking Dirty
by Peter Conners

So Much Salami
by Peter Conners

The House Coat
by Ann Bogle

Mugabe Western
by Ann Bogle

Work On What Has Been Spoiled
by Ann Bogle

Missive to the Fiction Editor of the New Yakker
by Carol Novack



Reviews of books and CDs
by Kirpal Gordon

Field of Wanting/ Poems of Desire
by Wanda Phipps; reviewed by Svitlana Matviyenko

by Simon Pettet; reviewed byGarry Parrish

Exorcism (CD)
by Larissa Shmailo; Review by Jackie Sheeler

Pelican Dreaming
by Mark Young; Review by Tom Hibbard

Inseparable Poems 1995-2005
by Lewis Warsh; Review by Charles Thorne

by Bill Berkson and Colter Jacobsen
Review by Jason Morris

Absolutely Eden
by Bobbie Louise Hawkins; Review by Barbara Henning

The Reality Overload
by Annie Le Brun; Review by Allan Graubard

by John Roche; Reviewed by Stephen Lewandowski

Revs of the Morrow
by Ed Sanders; Review by Jim Feast

Form Matters
Philip Gounis spoken word
with musical accompaniment by Rich Kruse
Review by Joe Wetteroth

Four Kings
by George Kimball; Review by Vernon Frazer

Selected Poems by Michael Rumaker
Reviewed by Leverett T. Smith

For New Orleans and Other Poems
Edited by Ashis Gupta; Review by Katherine Hastings