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Jeff Crouch

Diana Magallon

John Martone

Spencer Selby


Photographing the Ninth Ward
Images of New Orleans After Katrina by John Rosenthal



2009 ART

paintings by Jim Spitzer
As a regular contributor to Big Bridge, these painting, variations on an
enigmatic theme, show Spitzer's continuing evolution, as well as being
koan-like meditations in their own right.

The Kingdom of Madison:
Photographs from Madison County, North Carolina

by Rob Amberg
Selections from three sets of photos, exploring a still relatively isolated place,
where landscape still has functional meaning. When Amberg arrived, not as a tourist,
but as one seeking community "Planting was still done by the signs of the moon.
Water came from springs and heat from forests" and traditional music still part of
daily life. These photos add to the tradition begun in the WPA projects of the
Great Depression, but decidedly retain an identity of their own.

These Are My Angels
by Tasha Robbins
Small paintings done in Brooklyn on found cardboard by one of the Post-Katrina
diaspora. Celebrating the C-Train stop at Franklin + Fulton Avenues, as the artist
writes, they "kept my heart, eye + hand moving with a spirit of life close to the
timbre and human vibration of the Crescent City, still healing. . .

Lectura en Tránsito
Project Created and Directed by Carmen Gloria Berríos
Set based on combination of public art and poetry from Santiago de Chile.

Animal Night Photography
by Felicia Murray; notes by Louise Landes Levi
New techniques in photography allow us to make photographic images of phenomena
we could only imagine in previous eras. We might debate whether the nature of cameras
and software brings us any closer to the spiritual world, but these haunting images of
animals should make us feel less alone, and more in touch with the continuum of life.

12 Collages
by John Brandi
These collages can be read as a non-verbal counterpart and extension of his India Journal
and related work.