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In 1990 I began writing songs. I have written songs that have appeared in three films by Hollywood Pictures, "Shadowhunter," "Black Day, Blue Night," and "Outer Ozonoa". Other songs have been recorded on such albums as "The Darkest Part of The Night" by Bob Malone, "Difficult Woman" by Renee Geyer, "Global Blues Deficit" by Cody Palance, and "The Woodys" by The Woodys.

My poems have appeared in 256 Shades of Grey, Art Times, Beehive, Berkeley Poetry Review, Bolinas Heresay News, Book For Sensei, Brick, Cafe Review, Connecticut River Review, Cool Bird Poems, The Cortland Review, Croton Review, Mike and Dale's Younger Poets, Eratica, Exquisite Corpse, Ironwood, The Journal of The Bromeliad Society, Juice, Juicy Britches, Lungfull!, Limestone Magazine, Light and Dust@Grist Mobile Anthology of Poetry, Lynx: Poetry From Bath, Mudlark, Nerve Bundle Review, Nexus, Octavo, Peace Or Perish: A Crisis Anthology, Pearl, The Poetry Kit Poetry Motel, Prosodia, Pyrowords,Rolling Stock, Southern Ocean Review, Snakeskin, Thrashing Dove Review, Xanadu, Sycamore Review, Rockhurst Review, Isibongo, Zuzu's Petals Quarterly Online, and other publications.

My small-press poetry books include What The Fish Saw, Twowindows Press, CA 1984; Nightmare Of The Violins, Twowindows Press, CA 1986; Man/Woman, Big Bridge Press, CA 1988; and Favorite Songs, Big Bridge Press, CA 1990.

Most recent projects include: Editor of Overtime, Selected Poems of Philip Whalen, due out with Viking Penguin in 1999. And lyricist for Velia and Unbeaten Tracks.

For correspondence contact me at: