Selected Poems


Lynne Potts


Swollen belly of my era: 
	*its plum pit and purple heart
		slumped to a blue pollute:

	* whiskied interrogations

	* goulashes of one war, Hummer of another
	* gong gong rockers
	* rockets and a million canteens
		camouflage jeans dragging
		up the O-God road. 
Which wish and which preamble?

	cart wheel, over we went, 
	barrel downed in the trenches
	* mountain crotches
	* orders to better

	* between rocks and harder rocks
	* between all we'd ever 
		barrack bullies
		tent hackers

The nations gone bonkers

	* you here

	* quackery of purpose

	*sliced tin lunch

	*armless mountains
		hugging the road
		the tent flaps
		flesh flaps       

Onward dust bowler

	*all wags and no bark

	*all tree and no bark either

	*all flags, no wave

	*of another other-than

We no longer no
You hummer-ding of the world. 

Those Who Live

In vast cities
		as I  

homeless street sweepers		laminated sky


	Are there ones 	who, in cotton dirndls 

		lunch from baskets  		in fields of wheat,

			carry babies in linen slings,

	walk with shoeless sound    in gorse and bliss? 

Are there still  houses 		with slate roofs 

		dripping sun         to a  pail  

			by daisies
		beneath eaves --

For  we know only
			tracks of all kinds

		flapped doors with hasps 
 	torrents 	dirty water 

rushed to  gutters 

			mouths 		open

	to the doctor's flat  stick 	   		  the ah

			of urban ill.