Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry II


Growing Old

In English he became someone's old man early
It took time in his Indian languages

But as he grew older and more respected not in English
English kept him young and with it

His wisdom he gained in years not in English
Alzheimer's stared at him in English

Soon he realised
He was growing old and unwanted
In English 
And not in English

Road Kill

The streets rage in Delhi

They circle round your throat
Like pythons
In heat and cold
Rain and shine

Arterial and venal

A man killed a bus driver the other day
Another, a taxi driver, raped his customer
And then burnt her
A policeman simply picked up a brick
Not having been issued a revolver

Everyone is in a hurry
Everyone on a tight short leash
The red light always ready
To beat you before you begin

Stopping the poor
And daring to stop the rich

Someone has to get it

The streets rage in Delhi