Big Bridge 17: Table of Contents

The 17th Anniversary Issue of Big Bridge -- Table of Contents


Lost Frames Compendium of Poetry and Arts is a special .pdf supplement to issue #17, for the Summer of 2014.
Youssef Alaoui-Fdili, Guest Editor at Big Bridge, has compiled an anthology of poetry and fine art built on the ashes of a previously lost and forgotten project.
Paul Corman Roberts and Zarina Zabrisky have drafted modern manifestos.
H.K. Rainey sings of shadows and shadows within shadows.
Frank Reardon and Joel Landmine bring it to the streets.
Also included are three amazing visual artists worthy of your attention. Color plates are full page.
High quality images. 199 pages. 73 megabytes.
Produced by Paper Press Books.


Lake Havasu by Dorianne Laux    with Illustrations by Nancy Victoria Davis


Twenty-first Century Russian Poetry    Edited by   Larissa Shmailo
¡Esos malditos escuincles! 25 Mexican poets 30 and under    Edited by   Pilar Rodriguez Aranda
Anthology of Contemporary Indian Poetry    Edited by   Menka Shivdasani
Anthology of Tibetan Poets    Edited by   Bhuchung D. Sonam and Teresa Mei Chuc
Kiwao Nomura    translations by   Eric Selland
Phenomenology of Giving    Edited by   Arpine Konyalian Grenier
Refreshing San Antonio - Poetry and Art    Curated by   Viktoria Valenzuela
Seventy Years Ago in the South    by Martha King (chapbook)



Lyn Coffin: On The Topmost Branch of a Beckett Tree
Youssef Alaoui: The Talking Sticks and The Archaeolgists: A Tale of Random Values
Rick London: Declaration by the Ghost of Emma Goldman
Tina V. Cabrera: Watch Out and Backwards
Tran Huy Quang: The Prophecy Fulfilled translated by Sheree Carey
Andrew Finch: In a Bathroom With Adrienne Shelley
Fred Skolnik: Adrift in The Global Village
Michael Welch: Yo Dad
Justin Thrift: The After Years
Dan Marshall: Gig
Ann Tashi Slater: Things You Dreamed of and Things You Didn't
Jenna Finwall Ryan: Jake Gyllenhaal's Book Club
Arturo Desimone: Eurydyka of the Krakow Tourist Information Center
Tammy Peacy: 5 Little Birds
David Plumb: Mouse Highway


Glitter and Smoke: Protest in New Orleans and Cairo by Andy Young
Two Poets' Agenda in the Age of Terror (the 1980s): Adrienne Rich and Peter Dale Scott" by Alec Marsh
"Difference, Diversity and The Infinite Trace: More on Visual Writing" by Tom Hibbard
"Kerouac Poetry: Mexican Black Hole Purgatorio" by Tom Hibbard
Year of the Hare, memoir by Teresa Mei Chuc


Jane Summer reviews Teresa Mei Chuc's Red Thread
Alec Marsh reviews Ken Warren's Captain Poetry's Sucker Punch: A Guide to the Homeric Punkhole, 1980-2012
Jay Ramsay reviews John Gibbens' Orpheus Ascending and Dee Sunshine's Visions of the Drowning Man
Paul Nelson reviews Lisa Jarnot's Robert Duncan, The Ambassador from Venus, A Biography
Eric Hoffman reviews Donald Wellman's The Cranberry Island Series
Paul Corman Roberts reviews Lynn Alexander's Prologue for Mariamne
Philip Wells reviews Aidan Andrew Dun's Unholyland
Stephen Lewandowski reviews Bill Pruitt's Walking Home from the Eastman House and Helen Ruggieri's Butterflies Under a Japanese Moon
Judith Roche reviews Lyn Coffin's Joseph Brodsky Was Joseph Brodsky
Ami Kaye reviews Outside Voices: An Email Correspondence by Jake Berry and Jeffrey Side
Jonathan Cohen reviews Dark Times Filled with Light: The Selected Work of Juan Gelman, translated by Hardie St. Martin
Naftali Rottenstreich reviews Paul Pine's Divine Madness


Béatrice Brérot           David Fernández Rivera          
Pina Piccolo           Lakey Comess          
Marina Lazzara           Barbara Barg          
Sarah Browning           Amy Herschleb          
Anne Gorrick           Mario Meléndez          
Christien Gholson           Latif Harris          
Mark DuCharme           Arkava Das          
Sam Silva           Dan Raphael          
Nathaniel Mohatt           Dennis Formento          
Valery Oisteanu           Stephen Oliver          
David Madgalene           Les Wicks          
Richard Denner

Steve Dalachinsky Visual Poetry and Collage Installation


Alan "MK Kabrito"
Tyler Giordano
12 Illustrations from Imaginary Michael Powell
Extensive Art Retrospective from Lee Balan
Maria Damon stiches
Refreshing San Antonio - Poetry and Art curated by Viktoria Valenzuela


Reed Altemus           Ricahrd Baltasy          
Michael Basinski           Karen Butcher          
Alan Catlin           Ira Cohen          
steve dalachinsky           Fast Eyes          
Bonny Finberg           Vernon Frazer          
Matt Gonzalez           Scott Helmes          
Bob Heman           Aaron Howard          
Jon Kane           Jim Leftwich          
Tsaurah Litzky           Sheila Murphy          
Valery Oisteaneau           Yuko Otomo          
Nick Piombino           Steve Row          
Gerd Stern           Eric Thompson          
Betty Thompkins          
Lewis Warsh          
Bruce Weber          
Jeffrey Cyphers Wright          
John Bennett          

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