Election Reflections: U.S.A. 2008

Photo by Jim Turner
Grant Park, Chicago


Larry Sawyer in Chicago

The Election: Belief?
Notes by Lou Rowan, with Leslie Kaplan, Françoise Palleau-Papin, Brian Marley, Ken Edwards, Paul Griffiths,
and Keith Jebb

Election 2008 - The View from London
Anne Mullane, Clare Sandling, Lane Ashfeldt, Jude Brown,
Marek Kazmierski, Bilal Ghafoor, Jarred McGinnis,
and Lynsey Rose;
Collated by Stephen Moran

The Election of Barack Obama as Seen from South Africa
Notes by Gary Cummiskey

Response from Venezuela
by Rowena Hill

Le Mercredi 05 Nouvembre 2008 / Wednesday, November 5, 2008
poem (In French with English translation)
by Christophe Lamiot Enos

Notes before finally blacking out
from Australia, by Mark Young

Triptych of Photos from Paris
by Paul Kahn