Incubate Me, Succubus!

by Hans Plomp


Darling, deep beneath my will
lurks a monster, out to kill
out to hurt and out to snare
beings like you, sweet, unaware.
Do not touch and do not trust,
it may hurt you just for lust.
Very gently in the day
with the butterflies I play,
but when I’m asleep at night
I’m a monster out to fight,
killing what I kiss by light.
Darling, come to me in hell
stale with sacrificial stench.
Come and penetrate me now.
Pierce my soul and tell me how
I can tame my crocodile,
how to make my monster smile . . .
Incubate me, succubus!
Darling, I don’t want a war,
but my monster is so sore.
Lover, I don’t like to kill,
but my monster wants his fill.
Darling, kiss my bloodshot eyes,
change this hell to paradise.
Swallow me and spit me out.
Lick my ugly grisly snout.
Even monsters cannot hate
when they cuddle with a mate.
Incubate me, succubus!
Hypnotize me with your hips.
Darling, kiss these lying lips.
Do not fear my jealous ape,
hold me, let me not escape.
Even monsters cannot hate
when they’re mating with a mate.
Incubate me, succubus!